Posted on Aug 27, 2019

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Considering Invisalign® for Your Treatment

Aug 27, 2019 – Sep 3, 2019
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As a patient of our practice, you have several options for orthodontic treatments that effectively straighten teeth. Invisalign® clear aligners may be a great option if you desire a method that is quick, convenient, and discreet.

Many patients want to avoid traditional braces that can cause pressure and uncomfortable pain. Traditional braces have wires and brackets that extend throughout the mouth, which gradually move teeth into their proper position with some pressure. They also use ties that connect wires to the teeth.

Invisalign technology is different because it moves teeth with a series of clear plastic aligners. When you can undergo orthodontic treatment in comfort, the process becomes much less intimidating.

The Benefits of Invisalign
Comfort. Invisalign aligners don’t utilize metal brackets, so there’s no need to tighten any wires.
Fewer appointments. Invisalign aligners allow teeth the freedom to move with each aligner change, so you only need to visit our office to replace your sets of aligners.
Conservative Treatment. In most cases, Invisalign realigns teeth and enhances facial appearance without the need to extract any teeth.
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